Sanyasa Yoga

The yoga is said to be formed with different types of peculiar planetary situations or combinations. It is also known as Pravrajya Yoga which forces the native to lead a Satwik life which is called renunciation from the worldly pleasure in order to search the truth or lord.

The Yoga is formed when 4 or more planets which are exalted or in own house holding high strength. The combination is seen in Kendra which influences the Lagna. The native who has this yoga is deprived from family and family pleasure. In some cases, he may have a family life and enough wealth, but he is attracted towards Sanyas.

The Sanyasa Yoga is formed when Lagna, Jupiter and Moon are aspected by Saturn and Jupiter holding 9th house and the native has Rajyoga. Such person spends his whole life in a holy place. He cannot able to enjoy the Rajayoga.

The Sanyasa Yog effects are positive for the guy who wants to become a monk. But it is painful for the native’s relatives. Such people are deeply philosophical with straight and uncluttered thinking, not very much religious but in search of truth.