Rin Yoga orDebt Yoga and Agnikand Yoga

When the owner of the 6th House or Bhaw is related to 2nd House or Bhaw and its owner, the Rin Yoga is formed in one’s horoscope. The Yoga is not capable to bring happiness. The native may suffer from the debt. The 6th House position is related to suffering, debt and Ripu. The Akadash Bhaw also comes under this Yoga. Hence, both 6th and Akadash are related to Rin Yoga.

Debta Yoga Effects:

Rin Yoga in Astrology doesn’t bring pleasant things. The native under the strong influence of the Yoga can suffer from big debts. The Yoga can defame the person. It can cause accident and injury, make the native aggressive and he may suffer from various health problems. Your enemy will try to spoil your reputation which gives them satisfaction.

Agnikand Yoga

If on Agnidhotak planets, there is influence of lagnesh, panchmesh and navmesh, the native may suffer from fire. These planets are- Mangal, Surya and Ketu. Likewise, in Kundali, the first, fifth and ninth Bhaw belong to “Fire”. If the owner of these bhaw is Shukra and Chandra, it is still considered “Agnidhotak yoga”.