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With this online puja service, Guruma Bhrigushree wants to remove all your Doshas to bring prosperity… The service aims to target those devotees who are living abroad or those who are busy in their daily lives and want to organize a pooja to remove obstacles coming in their way. On behalf of you, Guruma’s followers will perform all the types of puja ceremony you want.

Note: The CD of the puja will send to you along with PRASAD at your doorstep… On your request we may provide live pooja darshan which is conducting for you.

After online puja booking, the date, time and venue of the ceremony will be informed to you via email.


What Types of Puja Guruma can Organize for You?

rahu dosha nivaran

Rahu Dosha Nivaran: Mantra Jaap

Rahu is a part of Navagraha which causes lots of negative influences in the lives of people. To remove the Dosha, the Goddess Durga is prayed because the powerful lord controls Rahu. She gives you the strength to fight all the hurdles created by Rahu. Guruma will perform Rahu Dosha Niravana on behalf of you and also suggests the remedies that can keep you away from the Dosha.

rahu ketu gochar

Rahu Ketu Gochar Puja

The ceremony aims to reduce the tribulations caused by malefic planets. The Vedic Mantra chanted by expert priests with devotion and dedication. You can take the Sankalpa from wherever you are.

Gandmool dosha nivaran

Gandmool Dosh Nivaran puja

Guruma Bhrigushree is all here to remove your Gandmool Dosha by organizing Nivaran puja on your behalf. The ceremony aims to rectify the Dosha or bad effects of Gand Mool Nakshatras which is prevailing at the time of birth of an individual. The puja procedure involves lots of VIDHI which is wonderfully conducted by the Guruma’s expert followers.

rahu dosha nivaran

Mangal Dosha Nivaran Mantra jaap

The Mangal Dosha pooja helps remove obstacles in personal and professional life, gets rid of Manglik Dosh and encourages positive thoughts and actions.Mars or Mangal is a fiery planet and one of the main Navagrahas that hugely influence life on earth. If Mars is placed in any of the houses 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12, in a Horoscope where the rising sign or the ascendant is taken as the first house, Manglik Dosh is said to be formed in that horoscope.

rahu dosha nivaran

Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran

The Dosha can create obstacles in education and finance. With this ceremony we perform the Rahu and Ketu pooja to remove hurdles of your life. This ceremony comprises Lord Ganesha pooja and Navagraha Shanti pooja and sthapana also.

rahu dosha nivaran

Vedic Shani Shanti Anushthaan

Vedic Shani Shanti puja will be performed by a group of Pandits and all major karma will be performed in the ceremony including a jaap of special mantras, stuti and yagya. Our expert pandits will perform total 1,02120 japs to reduce the bad effect of Saturn. We take care of the special Mahurata to conduct the Shanti puja.

rahu dosha nivaran

Surya Dosh Nivaran Mantra Jaap -7000

Surya Dosha is faced when the Sun becomes weaker and casts the malefic effect. From the comfort of your home book pandit for pooja who conducts mantra chanting, havana and all types of rituals in the manners that can please the Lord Surya to remove your dosha. The Surya puja remedy is effective.

rahu dosha nivaran

Jupiter Transit Puja

Jupiter is considered one of the most auspicious planets that influence one’s life. It should be strong to gain success, for getting married, having a child, getting a new job and so on… Guruma will conduct the Navagraha shanti ceremony for you to get success in your lives.

rahu dosha nivaran

Puja for Early Marriage

Many girls and boys find hard to marry at their right age which increases anxiety and worries. Guruma said, it can be due to Mangalik Dosha and various other Doshas. Whatever it will be, our online pooja service will offer you the Nivarana for which you don’t need to come down to our location. It involves:

  • Mangalik Dosha puja | Maha Rudrabhishek with 1.25 lacs Mantra | Maakalyani Anyshuthan for 3 days |Gauri & Lord Shiva Pooja
rahu dosha nivaran

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivarana

Kalsarp Yog exists when all seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury) are aligned between Rahu and Ketu. People, who are born during this period, are said to be suffering from misfortune and death-like painful experiences throughout their lives. The Kal sarp puja is quite effective in removing the negative effects of Kaal Sarp.

Guruma Other Special Puja Involves:

Shanidev Tailabhishekam

The offering of oil to Swayambhu Shanidev at the holy shrine of Shingnapaur is the most powerful remedy for Shani Dosh. If you have not been there, we will perform Tailabhishekam for you to get rid of bad karmic influences, marital and personal problems; besides eliminating Shani Dosh completely.

Parthiv Shivling Pooja

The special pooja is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Parthiv Shivling is a shivling made of Mud/Sand. 108 Parthi Shivlings are made on the bank of Holy river Ganga and Abhishek is done on your behalf. It can be organized at the Omkareshwar and Kashi Jyoptirlinga temples to remove Grah Dosh, diseases and misfortune.

Rudra Abhishek Pooja

The auspicious ceremony is performed to seek Lord Shiva’s powerful blessings. Rudra abhishek Puja includes Shivling Abhishek with 11 Ingredients and chanting of 108 names of Lord Shiva. With this puja you will get professional and personal success, financial stability, familial harmony and also the removal of planetary dosh.

Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap

The puja will organize to create a Kavach of protection over your family and give courage. Most obstacles in life can be resolved by this Pooja and one’s past sins are also forgiven.

Satyanarayan Katha and Havan

In the modern days, Satyanarayan worshiping comes as a blessing for those who want Lord Vishnu Kripa always. This pooja also removes past sins and encourages familial harmony.

Vishnu Pooja

This special ceremony has several benefits like mental, physical and spiritual peace and helps one live a righteous life. It also helps devotees to face difficulties and gain Moksha in the afterlife.

Katyayani Pooja

Maa Katyayani is a manifestation of Maa Shakti, who is one of the key deities of Hinduism. Each year, millions of devotees visit the various Shaktipeeth temples to offer Pooja to Maa Katyayani. Mata Katyayani Pooja can eliminate Manglik Dosh, bring happiness to married life and benefits overall quality of family life.

Lord Hanuman Pooja

The worship is performed before sunrise with Hanuman Chalisa Jaap. It removes fear from the hearts of devotees and gives them courage to face all difficulties of life. It also eliminates Grah Dosh and ensures future prosperity.

We are also specialized in:

  • Puja for domestic issues
  • Puja for Good Health
  • Pitra Dosh puja
  • Birth puja
  • Kal Sarp Dosh Niravana
  • Puja to remove Misfortune