Swati nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra

Swati nakshatra – (Bootis or Arcturus) Spread from 6:40’ to 20

Swati Nakshatra Rashi– Tula

Ruling planet – Rahu
Swati Nakshatra God– Vayu – the Wind

Animal Symbol– Male Buffalo

Nature– Devas (like God)

Guna– Tamasic

Number– 15

Deity– Vayu, Saraswati

Root Mantra– Om Lam, Om Ksham, Om Am and Om Aam

Ved Mantra– 

Swati Nakshatra Female/Male Positive Traits

A person born under this star is good at buying and selling ability. He is an independent sort of man, always striving for more independence. They are endowed with the body of kingly symbols, bright and handsome and loved by their wives. Therefore, Swati Nakshatra love life becomes smooth.  They perform religious works, truthful, experts in transactions, givers and learned. They are obedient, lovers of pious people. They are sexy, so the swati Nakshatra marriage life is full of love, care and support.

Swati Nakshatra Characteristics in Negative

They are restless, critical, absurd thinker, vulnerable, easily influenced by others, selfish and temperamental.

Swati Nakshatra Career Interests

They are experts in architecture and sculpture.  They find career as a musician, sports star, researcher and instructor.

Swati Nakshatra 2018 Predictions

Swati Nakshatra horoscope indicates the year will be pleasant and favourable for the native. Their positive traits help getting success in their lives. In the handy work career, they will get fame.  Speakers can influence others easily because of the Nakshatra influence. You may travel to a new place. The family life will go smoothly. Be careful with burglars because you may influence by them.

Those who are suffering from the bad effects of the Nakshatra can get relief through astrology remedies and preaching the Goddess Saraswati. You can also improve the good effects with the help of astrology. Feel free to consult Guruma Bhrigushree to know how to get the best output of the Nakshatra to bring remarkable changes in your life.