Shatabhistha nakshatra

Shatabhistha Nakshatra

Shatabhistha nakshatra–  (Aquarii) Spread from after 6:40 up to 20

Shatabhistha nakshatra rashi–  Kumbha

Ruling planet – Rahu

Ruling deity– Varuna

Shatabhistha nakshatra God– Lord Varun, God have power of rain and cosmic water

Number– 24

Guna– Tamasic

Deity– Varuna (the god of rain and cosmic waters)

Ved Mantra– 

Shatabhistha nakshatra  Femal/Male Positive Traits

Those born in the star Shatabhistha are stubborn, stable minded, have good knowledge, brave heart, eat not much, wealthy, servers and go after other women.  They are NRIs and have interest in sex.  Therefore, the Shatabhistha nakshatra marriage life is full of romance and love. They get respect in the world and live a long life. They are clever mind people.

Shatabhistha nakshatra Characteristics in Negative

They may go through sorrow and don’t get easy success.  They easily get angry and sometimes unbearable. They are of questionable character and experts in magic.

They can suffer from various diseases. They hide things and have madness of cleaning

Shatabhistha nakshatra Careers

They may work as a physician, astrologer, engineer, pilot, researcher, secretary and clerk.

Shatabhistha nakshatra 2018 Prediction

The jatak may go through fertility treatment. He may involve in negative action. The financial crisis may occur. Singers may get singing business deals. You may own your land or property.

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