Rohini Nakshatras

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatras – (Aldebaran)

Rohini Nakshatra Rashi- Vrishabha Rasi from 10 degree to 23:20

Ruling Planet- Moon

Rohini Nakshatra God- Brahma (one of the supreme Gods in Hindu Culture)

Symbol- Ox Cart

Nature- Human

This is the birth Nakshatras of Lord Krishna.

Deity– Brahma (the creator of the world)

Mantra– Om Rm and Om Lrm

Ved Mantra

Rohini Nakshatra Female/Male Characters

The word is derived from Rohan, which means to rise or to bring into existence. Rohini- group comprises everything that comes within the range of creation—beasts, birds, animals etc. Those born in the star Rohini are agriculturists, experts, well-behaved, handsome, good speakers and poets.

They are stable minded, respected, enjoyers and interested in lovemaking, thus Rohini Nakshatra love life is full of romance. They have patience and good speaker. They are long-lived, religious and truthful and help those who have helped them. Kings respect them. They respect gods and Brahmins and know the science of meters and metaphors. They are able servants of their lords and determined. They are endowed with good looking hands and wide forehead. They are handsome, independent and are loved by their Children. They are expert, wealthy with respect to corns and money and have desire to wear new clothes. They may suffer from eye diseases, little feared and play with women.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics (Negative)

They can be materialistic, fill with jealous, can take advantage from others, sexually active, very sensitive and addictive.

Rohini Nakshatra Careers

The jatak can do well in politics, agriculture, real estate, hotel business, designing, musician and modelling.

Rohini Nakshatra 2018 Prediction

The year can be tough for the native. Property deals will be in your favour. Your hard work will pay off in form of hike in salary or promotion. You may get a new job. This is a good year for you to invest in a property.

Those whose Rohini Nakshatra is not giving them positive energy or those whose Rohini Nakshatra is giving positive energy and want to increase its effects can recite the mantra at least 108 times when the Moon transits the Nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month. Astrology has remedies to get the best output from the Nakshatra. Contact Guruma Bhrigushree to learn more about this.