Pushyami nakshatra

Pushyami Nakshatra

Pushyami nakshatra – (Cancri)

Pushyami nakshatra  Rashi- spread from 3:20 to 16:40 Karka

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Pushyami nakshatra God- Brihaspati

Symbol – teat of the Cow.

Deity– Brihaspati

Mantra– Om Kam

Ved Mantra– 

Pushyami nakshatra Female/Male Characteristics

The word etymologically means to nourish and that again means to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen. The native is blessed with wealth, happiness and respect.  They are of stable mind and have pleasant personality. They love by women, so the Pushyami nakshatra love life is full of romance. They command money and vehicles of novelty. They find an important place in the world and have excellent knowledgeable in the science of spells. They may get respect.  They retain their stand, and are happy. They have a fish symbol on the hands -and feet.  They take interest is in the discussion on scriptures.

Pushyami nakshatra Characteristics (Negative)

They are short tempered. They may be over sensitive and over talkative. They are arrogant and selfish.

Pushyami nakshatra Careers

Government jobs, politics, biologist, military services, artist, rulers, food merchant.

Pushyami nakshatra 2018 Prediction

The year will tough for the native.  There are lots of challenges waiting for you in workplace. Unexpected problems can come and your ideas may get rejection. Romantic matters may face a setback.

Pushya or Pushyami Nakshatra planetary positions can cause good and bad effects. If you are afflicted with bad effects, astrology have the solutions for it. Repeat the root mantra 108 times when the Moon transits the Nakshatra and in the lunar month of Pusha. You can contact Guruma Bhrigushree for effective remedies also. Contact her today.