Punarvasu nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu nakshatra – (Geminorium)

Punarvasu nakshatra Rashi- Spread from 20:00 degrees Mithuna up to

3:20 Karkata

Punarvasu nakshatra God- Aditi

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Symbol -Quiver (receptacle for arrows)

This is the birth nakshatra of Lord Rama.

Deity– Aditi

Root Mantra– Om or Aum

Ved Mantra– 

Punarvasu nakshatra Femal/Male Positive Characters

The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+ Vasu, which means return, renewal, restoration or repetition. The 12 Adityas were born of Kasyapa in the womb of Aditi. The 12 Vasus are Indra, Vishnu, Vaga, Twasta, Barun, Aryama, Pusa, Mitra, Agni, Parjyanya, Vivaswan and Dinakar. The mother Aditi of whom the Gods are born is the repository of everything good-truth, generosity, magnanimity, purity, aristocracy, beauty and renown.  If you are born in Punarvasu, you may blessed with children and have good qualities and wealthy. Punarvasu nakshatra marriage life will be pleasant.

You speak clearly. You have interest in science, gems, gold and other decorative items.  You will be religious and helpful in nature. Have attractive personality.  They are tolerant, satisfied with small things and fast movers. They collect a good circle of friends, daily eat good food, sacrifices and worship lord Vishnu. They are peaceful, happy, enjoying and endowed with good progeny. Those born in the Punarvasu star are noted to be long lived, loved by wife, handsome, interested in pomp, of good heart, high in conduct, with low voice, like cereals, intelligent, thinkers, and possess fish sign on stomach.

Punarvasu nakshatra Characteristics (Negative)

They indulge in bringing difference of opinion among friends.  They are not interested in deriving lots of money because of interest in spirituality. They may change multiple jobs.

Punarvasu nakshatra Careers

 Actor, writer, publisher, spiritual teacher, philosopher, innovators and artist

Punarvasu nakshatra 2018 Predictions

 The native can expect a great year. You may experience some lack of confidence resulting in challenges in your path. Avoid changing your job. Try to win your fear to get success.

The bad effects resulting from affliction to the Nakshatra can cause health issues, career problems etc. Remedies like worship of Goddess figurines like Durga and Aditi can work. The root mantra can be recited 108 times when the Moon transits the Nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month. If you still facing problems, consult Guruma Bhrigushree for an effective astrology.