Poorva Phalguni nakshatra

Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra – (Leonis) spreads from 13:20’ to 26:40’

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra  Rashi – Simha

Ruling Planet – Venus

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra  God- “Shivalinga” and the symbol is Swinging hammock.

Symbol- Swinging hammock

Nature- Human

Deity– Bhaga

Ved Mantra– 

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra Female/Male Positive Characters

Those born in this nakshatra are experts in love making, strong and handsome. They help others, and daring to do the work, which cannot be done by others. They are bright, wealthy, givers, and experts in music and dance. They are wise and are in the service of kings. They live long and have blessed with a few children. They are learner, reserved, love women, enjoyers, prominent amongst the learned and handsomelove. They have attractive eyes and have king like personality. So Poorva Phalguni nakshatra love life has romance.

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra Characteristics (Negative)

They are extremely fearful. They are aggressive and get angry easily. They are  frauds and cruel.

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra Career

The native can start career as an actor, model, musician, manager, photography, beautician, teacher, professor, politician and marital advisor.

Poorva Phalguni nakshatra 2018 Prediction

The year will be pleasant for you. Those who have taken a break from their career can get the opportunity to restart. Be alert and don’t trust easily to anybody. This year is excellent for self-employed.

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