Mrigasira Nakshatras

Mrigasira Nakshatra

Mrigasira Nakshatras – (Orionis)

Mrigasira Nakshatras Extends – from after 23:20

Mrigasira Nakshatra Rashi- Vrishabha Rasi up to 6:40 in Mithuna.

Mrigasira Nakshatras God-  Chandra

Ruling planet- Mars

Symbol – Antelope or Deer

Deity– Soma (the Moon God), Bhrama

Ved Mantra– 

Mrigasira Nakshatras Female/Male Positive Characters

If you are born in the Mrigashira star, you will be truthful, handsome, enjoy wealth and prosperity, pure in heart, bright and sage-like. You are interested in learning, become obedient and loved by teachers. You become friendly with high profile persons and respected by them. You are enthusiastic. You will get wealth and have good knowledge in architecture, kingly and good at administration.  A good speaker quality inherits. You are intelligent and affectionate by your mother.

Mrigasira Nakshatras Characteristics (Negative)

They are fickle mind people but are fearful. You are in hurry and can be arrogant. You may hate others.

Mrigasira Nakshatras 2018 Predications

You may get warning from your boss. Finance wise, it is not so good period for you. Unnecessary arguments with somebody will drop your energy.

Along with good traits, the Nakshatra has some bad effects also like fickle, multiple partnerships, not committed, get bored easily, biting, unbalance and many more. To deal with these issues, you can consult an astrology expert. Guruma Bhrigushree will provide you with effective solutions of the ill effect of the Nakshatra. Consult today!