Ashwini Nakshatras

Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatras-(Castor and Pullox) From 00.00 to 13.20

Ashwini Nakshatra Rashi-  Mesh or Aries

Ashwini Nakshatra God- Ashwini or the Duality known as Ashwini Kumar Twins, the physician of the Gods

Symbol – the head of a horse

Ruler – Ketu

Ashwani Nakshatra Female/Male Positive Characters

Deity- Ashwini Kumaras, Brahma, Ganesha

Mantra Ashwini Gayitri- Om Swetha Varnyai Vithmahe |  Sudhaakaraayai Dheemahi | Thanno Ashwinow Prachodayaath

Root Mantra– “Om Am”  and ‘Om Im”

Ved Mantra– 

Nature- Deva

The influence of the star can motivate the native to become part of army or serve humanity as a physician with in-depth knowledge to heal. So, physicians born in Ashwini Nakshatras can be a successful medical practitioner. Jatak who is born when the Moon was in Ashwini Nakshatras, he is prosperous, scrupulous, obedient, truthful, and gain worldly comforts. He is born in a good family, endowed with wealth. The personality is handsome. He can work as an administrator, and gets respect. The Jatak may sacrifice money and is of good conduct and an enjoyer. You are quick and candid, a knower of scriptures, rational and succeed in quarrels.  The Ashwini Nakshatra love life goes good.

Ashwani Nakshatra Characteristics (Negative)

Impulsiveness, wish to pursue something new cause weakness, may be aggressive, stubborn and always wish to do things on their own way.

Ashwani Nakshatra Careers

Therapist, psychologists, healers, physicians, police, military, musician

Ashwani Nakshatra 2018 Prediction

The star native will spend happy time in this year, expecting to get a new Civil job. The workplace experience can be bitter by facing troubles from the boss. If you are in legal, writing, poetry, HR, farming and agriculture, you have a wonderful year.

For those suffering from bad effects due to afflictions of the Nakshatra can worship Lord Ganesh. He is Bhignharta as you know. Repeat the root mantra “Om Am” and ‘Om Im” 108 times when Moon transits this Nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month. Astrology science has remedies of the ill effect of the Nakshatra. Contact Guruma Bhrigushree for this.