Mallika Yoga

Vedic Jyotish is full of good and bad yoga. The Mallika Yoga can have good and bad influences in one’s life, depending on the kind of Mallika Yoga is formed in the Horoscope. The Yoga is formed with positive effects when all the 7 planets in the Navagraha excluding Rahu and Ketu, are placed in any successive 7 houses of the horoscope. The 7 successive house indicates that if the Sun in 1st, Mercury in 2nd, Venus in 3rd, Mars in 4th, Moon in 5th and Jupiter in 7th of the horoscope. There are 12 types of Mallika Yoga-
Lagna, Dhan, Vikram, Sukh, Putra, Shatru, Kalatra, Randhra, Bhagya, Karma, Labh, Vyaya

Mallika Yoga Effects:

It is a rare yoga of Vedic Jyotisha. The Labha Mallika Yoga blesses the native with wealth and prosperity. If you have Karma Mallika Yoga, you can able to get powerful position, authority, name and fame. The Bhagya Mallika Yoga blesses the native with good characters, interest in religious and spiritual things and brings fame..