Lakshmi Yoga and Shrinath Yoga

Under the Horoscope, the lord of ascendant or lagna is strong and the lord of the 9th house is placed in its sign of exaltation or situated in the Kendra Houses or Trikona Houses, the Lakshmi Yoga is formed. The native is blessed with many good things under the influence of the Yoga. The Trikona Houses are 5th and 9th and the Kendra Houses are 1st, 4th, 7th  and 10th in a horoscope.

Lakshmi Yoga Benefits:

Lakshmi Yoga effects are positive as it endows the native with wealth, prosperity, luxury, name and fame. However the abovementioned details to form the Lakshmi Yoga are not enough. It is must that the Kendra Houses should work positively or there is no malefic planet placed in Kendra or Trikona. If the planet is malefic in the Kendra, it makes dosha.

The Shrinath Yoga is said to be formed when the lord of the 7th house is situated in the 10th house of the horoscope and at the same time, the 10th house is combined with the 9th house. The yoga brings exactly like Lakshmi Yoga for the native.