Kemdrum Yoga

Kemdrum Yoga in astrology is formed due to 3 crucial reasons-

  • When there are no neighbours of Moon (no planet in the 2nd or 12th sign from it)
  • In Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) has no planet
  • There is no planet in Kendra from the ascendant

We know that each planet in astrology has its own significance. Basically, astrology is a code language and astrologers are those who decode the language to find out what’s good or bad going to be happened with you. Kemdrum Dosha brings loneliness in your life. Moon is related to our state of mind. It is also related to emotions, joy and female figures. Under Kemdrum Dosh, there is no neighbour of Moon which indicates that the native mind is vacant and when it is vacant it thinks many useless things which can make the native restless.

Kemdrum Yoga effects are negative to one’s life. The native faces struggle and poverty. He may be a moron and uneducated. He may unable to cherish his married life and get no pleasure from children. Such people stay away from home.