Guru Chandal

Guru Chandal Yoga

The Vedic Jyotisha is full of good and bad yogas. Guru Chandal Yoga is one of the negative Doshas which is also known as Guru Chandal Dosha. It is associated with bad things. According to Astrologers, if your horoscope has the dosha, it can give you bad results. But along with bad things it can give positive results also to som horoscopes. The native can become a very good philosopher, does charitable causes and become a spiritual person. The Yoga needs to be studied properly in the astrology science.

How Does Guru Chandal Yog Form?

If Jupiter is placed in either Rahu or Ketu or if the Jupiter having a mutual aspect relation with Rahu or Ketu in the Horoscope, the Yoga is formed. It can force the native to indulge in unethical, immoral, and illegal activities. The Yoga can enhance the desire to be rich and can make the native ambitious.