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With the blessing of Mahrishi Bhrigu, Guruma Bhrigushree will let you find Your Gotra. No matter where you are living connect with Guruma to clear your doubts about Gotra and get answers on types of Gotra in Hindu religion. Guruma has “Sea of Knowledge” about the importance of Gotra, how to tie a knot considering the Gotra, what is Brahmin Gotra and much more.

What is Gotra?

Whatever type of tradition is followed by a Vansh (genealogy) the Gotra name is decided accordingly for the particular Vansh. The word Gotra means “Go” which means cow in Hindi and “Gaay (Hindi word of cow) from which “Tra” has taken. So, it is known as Gotra. The origin of Gotravali is from Brahman Varg (group). When the group expanded, to build their identity they have taken their prime person as their Gotr. The whole Brahman community belongs to a particular sage. Today’s Brahman Gotra is based on the Vedic era’s seven sages (saptrishi). They considered themselves as descendent of the Saptrishi-

  • Aangira
  • Bhargu
  • Aatri
  • Kashyap
  • Vashist
  • Augstya
  • Kushika

How does one be known as Brahman (by Karma or by Birth)?

It is controversial since the old age. Those who believe Brahman by Karma, Purana has strong references for them. Like, Rishis or Sages who were Brahman after prolonged penance or mortification.

  • Shringi Rishi was born from the womb of deer.
  • Rishi Kaushaki was born from the bundle of Kush.
  • Rishi Vashist from Veshya
  • Rishi Gotam from Shashki
  • Vedvyas from a virgin girl
  • Parasharji from Chandali
  • Vishwamitra from Chatrani
  • Narad Muni from Dasi
  • Matang Rishi from female elephant

These rishis are not born from Brahman and Brahmani’s sperm. They are actually considered Brahman because of their penance. But a group of scholars believe that to be a Brahman it is necessary to born in the Brahman KUL.

Importance of Pravar

In any Gotra including Brahman samaj Gotra, pravar plays an important role. When the Gotra was formed, Pravar was also developed and correlated with Gotra. Pravar stands for “the Best”. Pravar are those sages who were achievers. Like Pravar, the Brahmin Gotra is divided into several parts.

GAN- It is related to wedding. One GAN person cannot marry to the same GAN.

Pach- It is the developed part of GAN.

Ved- There are 4 Vedas. For each Rishi it was difficult to grasp all those 4 Vedas. So, a specific group of Brahmin Gotra decided to go through a particular Veda instead of all 4.

Shakha- When a particular Gotra found hard to go through a Veda completely, Shakhas (branches) were formed.

Sutr- It is the tiniest form of Shakha. When branches (shakhaye) found hard to learn Veda, Sutr was formed by Parvarti sages.

Shikha- In a particular Gotra the Shikha is knotted in the left and the other Gotra, Shikha is knotted to the right.

Paad- In order to save the tradition, some Gotra washes their right leg first and some their left.

Why Follow Gotra Pravar :

For the Vedic Hindu followers, it is necessary for them to know their Gotra and Pravar to follow various religious ceremonies like wedding, post death ceremonies like Shradhha, Paksha, Uttarkriya. While doing a religious ceremony, a Hindu person needs to remember his forefather and ancestors and here they require Gotra and Pravar which is the family tree (Vanshavali) . This is a 5000 year old tradition. The thousands old tradition is carved in stones and copper plates.

Kshatriya Gotras :

According to Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, Vaishya and Sudras did not have independent gotra and pravars so they have taken the Gotra of their family priests which is considered an incorrect evidence. Researchers have found quite opposite of the fact. The Brahmins have donned the Gotras and pravars of the kshatriyas.

As you know Brahmins consider themselves the descendent of the seven main sages. Among them Vishwamitra and Kaushik were Kshatriyas. Marrying a girl from the Bhrugu gotra brings a good fortune. The Gotra of Kshatriyas has a solid foundation. The Rajput Gotra list comprises different Gotras.

As per Puranas-

Surya, King of Kalinga whose gotra was Kashyap. Mangal, King of Avanti whose gotra was Atri. Budha, King of Magadh whose gotra was Angiras. Guru, King of Sindhu whose gotra was Bhargav. Shukra, King of Bhojkot whose gotra was Kashyap. Shani, King of Saurashtra whose gotra was Kashyap. Rahu, King of Babar whose gotra was Maitrenis. Ketu, King of Kalinga whose gotra was Jaimini. Take a quick glance of Brahmin Gotra list -