Durudhara Yoga

Everyone who is born in this earth has a Yoga that influences his/her life. There are hundreds of Yogas and among them Durudhara Yog is considered auspicious. The Yoga is formed when in one’s Kundali Sun and Moon is the Lord of the 2nd House and the 12th House.


When an individual is born in the Yoga through Mars and Mercury can be astute, not trustworthy, covetous, rich and shrewd.


The native is known because of their work. They can be headstrong, misleading and irritable.


The native loves chatting. He/she leads lovely life.


The combaination in the Yoga makes the native hot tempered. He may have many enemies, filled with jealousy, enjoy sensual pleasure and has wealth.


The native lives a happy life, is wealthy, good looking, handsome, beautiful and humble.


The native is mature, rich, clever and well educated. The jatak’s wife may be of older age.

Durudhara Yoga Effects:

Durudhara Yog benefits are many, depending on the combination of planets. There are several planets and their positions influence the native life. There are around 180 combinations of Durudhara Yogas.