Daridra Yoga or Dur Yoga

The Daridra Yoga is said to be formed in one’s horoscope when the lord of the 10th House in a Horoscope is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th House where Lagna or ascendant is taken as the 1st house of Horoscope, the Dur Yoga is formed. Astrologers believe that if the Yoga is strong is one’s Kundali, he may find hard to get success in their professional life. He may need to do hard labour to earn money. Some Astrologers believe that the Daridra Yoga effects can make the native immoral and force him to engage in illegal activities. The character of the native is not so good and pleasant.

He may harm others to get benefits. The Yoga is present in every 4th horoscope. The astrology science says that there are 12 houses in horoscope and it is possible that the lord of the 10th house is present in 3 specific houses (6th, 8th and 12th) so many people can be affected with the Yoga. If Mars is the lord of the 10th houses in a horoscope, the Dur Yoga starts working positively. It may make the native successful in astrology, spiritual practice, army officer and medical practitioner.  The placement of benefic Mars as lord of the 10th House in 12th House can help the native to settle in a foreign land and brings good fortune.