Chatussagara Yoga

The Yoga is said to bring good results. If there are planets present in the 4 Kendra houses of a horoscope counted from Lagna or Moon, the Yoga is formed. These Kendra Houses are places in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th in the Horoscope when counted from ascendant or Moon in a horoscope.

Chatussagara Yoga Benefits:

Chatussagara Yoga effects are positive when planets are reacting positively. It brings name and fame. The native is blessed with a long and healthy life, is wealthy, has children and he travels around the world. The native can be blessed with a high position job in the government field. Kendra Houses are significant and powerful. They are also sensitive which signifies the most important spheres of the native life such as profession, fame, age, marriages and money.

In case most of the planets placed in the Kendra Houses are working negatively, it may result to malefic results. It is important to know whether the planets are reacting positively or negatively.