Chandra Mangal

Chandra Mangal Yoga

The Yoga in one’s Kundali enables to give many good results if it is strong. Though, many astrologers believe that the Yoga gives bad or very bad results. There is debate over whether the Chandra Mangal Yoga is bad or good. When Chandra or Moon is present in one’s horoscope along with Mars, the Chandra Mangal Yog is formed. The Yoga is capable to give very good materialist results. Astrologers who take it negative, believe that the Chandra Mangal Yoga effects can be one’s nature or character.

Chandra Mangal Yoga Benefits:

According to many expert Astrologers including us, the yoga has good, very good, bad and very bad results. It is primarily depended on the nature and strength of Moon and Mars in one’s horoscope. When both the planets are working positively, the Chandra Mangal Yog is benefic. For example, the planets positively reacting in the 5th house can bring the native with good creativity, good family values, good character and financial prosperity..