Consult for Karmakand Vidhi from Guruma Bhrigushree

Guruma says, “Human life is full of challenges & difficulties. It is necessary for human to clean their body and mind from time to time to leave a stress free life. People face problems due to their own KARMA. Like the way our birth and death are destined by our Karma, the same way our journey and obstacles in life are destined by our KARMA. To get rid of the ill-effects of your KARMA and clean your soul to reach to salvation, KARAMKAND is the only way.”

What is Karmkand?

According to Vedas and Astrology, the traditional method of worshipping on several occasions in the Hindu culture is called karmkand such as Pind Dan (a Hindu Karmkand after death). As per Vedas, there are three importand Kand- Karm Kand, Upasanakand and Gyankand. There are total 100,000 mantras in Vedas out of which 4000 is for Gyankand, 16,000 for Upasanakand and 80,000 for Karamkand. Therefore, Karm Kand is considered supreme. Under the Karmkand, the Yagya Anusthan has found a prominent place. And Yagya needs correct and precise pronunciation of mantras. Without Vedas Mantra karmkand cannot possible and without Karmkand, the usefulness of Mantra cannot possible. Hence, if there is existence of Vedas, there is Karm Kand and if there is existence of Karmkand, there is Vedas. Both are related to each other. Who has written Vedas? Vedas have been written by the supreme power called Brahma. Karmkand is an integral part of the Vedic Culture.

What is the Aim of Hindu Karmkand?

It is all about fulfilling the wishes of human beings. As per our Vedas, whatever the Dharma you do all are associated with this kand. In the ancient era, sages devoted their lives to Yagya for the wellness of the world. Hence, Karamkand has supreme power. It is capable to give the worldly pleasures like wealth, health and the pleasure of parenthood. Moreover, Karmkand has capacity to provide Moksha, freedom from the birth and death chakra.

How to Perform Karmkand Vidhi?

The vidhi of the Kand is not easy. It has three internal parts-Kandi, Pindi & Chandi. Worshiping through Yagya is called Kandi. Pindi is associated with the death ceremony (Shradh) or Hindu death rituals. Chandi is the worshipping of powerful Goddess Durga. Those Sadhak who are well aware of these three parts is considered the teacher or guru of Karamkand and only he can perform it well.

How Do We Offer Karmkand Services?

Guruma Bhrigushree is well aware of the three parts of KarmKand. She can organize:

    • Yagya
    • Pind Dan
    • Chandi Puja
    • All types of puja associated with Karmkand

The Pind Dan or Pindi puja can be performed at the Holy City of India called “Kashi” on your request. The Chandi Puja and any Yagya related puja is organized in our temple. You can be present in the ceremony in person or can book the puja online.

Note: Full transparency is maintained by letting you see the online puja live. No matter where you are living you can take Sankalpa and we will organize the pooja on your behalf. The Puja is conducted by expert pandits who are well familiar of the Karmkand Mantra.

Get ready to book your appointment with us! Further discussion will take place over phone or via mail.