Angarak Yoga

The Angarak Yoga is said to be formed due to the combination of Rahu and Mars in one’s horoscope. The Yoga is associated with bad consequences as per its strength in one’s horoscope. Both Rahu and Mars are said to be placed in the same house when Angarak Yoga is formed. If both Rahu and Mars involved in Angarak Yoga in Astrology are working positively in the horoscope, it doesn’t cause bad effects. The Angarak Yoga effects will be good or very good.

Angarak Yoga Benefits:

The Yoga makes the native violent, aggressive and negative. It may lead to dispute of the native with his relatives and friends. The native may likely to engage in criminal activities such as murder, assassination, terrorism and dealing in arm. The native may go to jail for a long time. The positive influence of the Yoga can make you top class army officer, police officer and can appear as a brave worrier.