Amal or Kahal

Amal or Kahal Yoga

Amal Yoga is formed when planets are present in the 10th House from Lagna and 10th house from Moon. The Yoga is said to bring various kinds of benefits and is very auspicious.

Amal Yoga Benefits:

Amal Yoga in Astrology is formed in 10th house from lagna or Moon which is observed in every 2nd or 3rd Horoscope, which means every 2nd or 3rd person has the yoga. The positive influence of the Yoga gives good results in the professional field. The native is said to hold good and strong characters. They earn respect and high status in the society. Make sure the planets of the Yoga are not malefic as they may cause negative influence in the native life. The malefic effects can cause delays, setback and losses in the native’s professional life..